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A consulting firm specialised in brand and digital strategy.

Pimstarter is an independent digital consulting agency offering a unique blend of expertise within the entirety of the digital spectrum.

We are focused on imagining and building highly-interactive experiences that push the limits of technology. A full digital consulting firm specialised in digital transformation, digital experience, digital outreach, digital engagement with target audiences and digital diplomacy.

We are a Multicultural team of digital experts, strategists and consultants who believe that technology needs creativity and craft to deliver human experiences that seamlessly integrate into people’s daily life.

That’s why we craft experiences that are both useful and desirable. For smart brands that fully embrace insight-driven design to create better customer relationships and new revenue streams.

Experience design and intelligent marketing for growing brands
We focus on driving results

That’s why we combine business and technology expertise in the search for answers to your challenges.
Together with you, we create custom solutions based on your needs, industry, and desired outcome.

Digital Strategy

Our approach to digital is always the same, in that it’s never the same. We start by listening and let that shape our process, with our clients as partners every step of the way

Agility & Readiness

Inspiring, enabling and ultimately helping brands create an agile and operationally efficient enterprise to compete more effectively in the digital age.

New Technology

Whether you play it, watch it, double tap or swipe it, our developers merge the creative and the technical to build it. Scaled up or scaled down, on any screen or surface.


Building, connecting and scaling of new digital assets and experiences happens here, seamlessly and efficiently, with our focus on the client, the business needs and the KPIs.

Data & Analytics

We bring designs to life. Capture your audience’s attention and leave an impression, telling your story through creative concept, color and copy.

Services & Support

Working 24x7 to ensure brand’s digital experiences, assets and operations never go down for customers and employees alike. Always there whenever you need us, but working hard so that you never do.

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